Jenica: About me


My name is Jenica. I’m a Winnipegger who has a passion for creating better products. As a designer and as a human being, I want to make the world a better place and I believe that starts with your ideas. My focus is in digital media (web, UI/UX ) but I’d love to take a look at any project that aims to be accessible to all users and a delight to use.

In the past, I studied Computer Science at the University of Manitoba but felt like I couldn’t find the balance between science and art that I craved. In a return to the courses that inspired me in high school, I decided to apply for and entered Digital Media Design at Red River College. I finally found my niche! I'm passionate about a career that will let me create in that sweet spot: work that requires coding and critical thinking alongside creativity and imagination.

In my free time I love to bake breads, practice musical instruments, and spend my time playing video and tabletop games. I’ve even begun to make video games myself and participate in Winnipeg game jams. You can check those games out on my profile.