Re-Map is a Barcelona-based business that deploys a method called High Impact Culture to help performance-driven and purpose-led businesses scale. While working at Manoverboard, I was tasked with co-developing this jamstack website for them with my coworker Nicky Wolfe. This project involved learning to code in markup and liquid, using the Jekyll static site generator. There was special focus on Re-Map's new branding, as Manoverboard also created and implemented their new identity.

the opening header of It features an atmospheric photo of three people standing together


For this project, the process went something like this:


This wasn't my first jamstack site, but it was one where I would be taking on the majority of the dev work for the first time. The initial setup is where most of the cognitive load lies when learning; from using the command line to create your jekyll site, using liquid to create custom pages and posts, and using Cloudcannon's functionality to set up file editing in a user-friendly way. That being said, static-sites really benefit from their streamlined design, and once you've done it a couple times this process is no big deal.

Concerning this site design itself: we had each page type change colours and change colours. This is all done dynamically, other than on general content pages where the user can choose the accent colour. The development ensured that this was easy to per page, and that each page type was clearly deliniated in the website backend for a better user experience.

Key parts of development on this site included:

To launch Re-Map, we ended up using Cloudcannon's UI for any content editing, Github for holding the files, and Netlify for the site hosting. We were all so pleased to help create a super performant website that is so streamlined in purpose.

a screenshot of the call to action element, which has a decorative rainbow loop around it, calling attention to an organizational health audit.
a screenshot of the re-map homepage, midway through. There is a description of that 'high impact culture' means to re-map.


Thank you for taking the time to read this case study about my work at Manoverboard! I'm loving creating jamstack websites, and am so excited to do more. You can visit their site at and take a look at the final product in action.

Get in touch with me in a couple ways, you can call me at 204-599-3545 or you can email me with any inquirires or questions at . I would be happy to answer any questions and set up a meeting with you.

Video by Dan Lamb, also from Manoverboard.

Thank you for reading. If you would like to discuss more, share feedback or ask any questions, please get in touch!

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